National Boys Dance Day

Boys Dance Day aims to recognise and celebrate all the incredible male dancers around the world, from the young boys taking weekly classes at their local school, to the professionals performing on the world’s stage.

It is a day to celebrate the strength, passion, artistry, athleticism and dedication of male dancers in all styles of dance; from Ballet to Ballroom, Tap to Hip-Hop. A day to recognise the struggles that male dancers have to face, fighting the stigmas and outdated stereotypes that still exist. It is a day to empower boys at a young age to try out that dance class they’ve been wanting to try, and to encourage them to continue their dance training, and to pursue and fulfil their passion for dance.

The day is founded by Natalie Pearl, a dance teacher with years of experience in the industry and a huge passion for encouraging boys to dance. She has taught Boys Only classes for several years and has led seminars on the subject for hundreds of teachers across the world, and on the 23rd of October 2020, was awarded the RAD Project B Award for Innovation in Male Dance at the Dance School of the Year Awards.

It was therefore decided that the 23rd of October should be the date for recognising boys that dance and celebrating the art.

Every year on National Boys Dance Day, events will be organised for dance schools and independent dancers to join in with and celebrate! And dance schools will be encouraged to create their own ways to celebrate and encourage more boys to dance.

Contact Details

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