Circuits & Conditioning


Age 12+- The Limbering class is designed to really stretch young dancer bodies in a safe and structured way.

This weekly 30 minute session is a combination of fun and energetic exercises that incorporate various specialist methods in which Miss Natalie has trained. The main focus is on flexibility in the dancer’s hips, legs, and back.

The whole session is accompanied to uplifting music and guided by the teacher, and encourages students to focus in on their own flexibility goals from week to week.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Additional Ballet specific training exercises for turn out, core, and progressions through all areas of ballet technique. Miss Natalie gained certification early in 2016 for PBT training and has found it an incredible additional training both juniors and seniors wanting to further develop their technique.

These sessions are delivered as part of the school’s Junior and Senior Intensive Training program and include work with Swiss balls, Pilates balls and Therabands.


Age 9-12yrs and Age 13+ – The Circuit sessions involve various ‘stations’ of strength exercises to be completed within a given time frame (30 seconds to a minute). After each set of exercises is completed the participants move to the next station/exercise until a circuit has been completed.

Both circuit based classes are age appropriate (the age 9-12yrs class is shorter and less intense) and aim to work on overall fitness and stamina, whilst strengthening legs, back and core muscles – the main areas of the body specific to dance training.

Mums Conditioning Class

A focused and inspiring 45 minute session for the mums, hooray! (Some would even call it fun) The class works on conditioning for the whole body, with use of body weight and hand held weights.

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