A Genuine Love of Teaching

At First Position, we understand the power an artistic discipline can have in all areas of a child’s life: self-expression, friendship, hard work, respect, commitment and ability to support others (to name a few) and this feeds into the ethos of our school.

Pupils are able to build self-belief through their dancing, and are encouraged to see how dance lessons often reflect life lessons.


Miss Natalie has an extremely warm and welcoming personality which feeds through to all additional teaching staff, making the atmosphere a pleasant one for both pupils and parents. She creates a down to earth but professional relationship with each child’s parent or guardian, and keeps channels of communication open.

She cares about her pupils and their individual circumstances and is always open to deeper discussions with parents if requested.


The community we have developed at FP embraces bonding opportunities for parents and pupil, and outside involvement is encouraged through various performances, trips, and fundraising events.

Parents become friends and helping out at productions is more of an honour than a chore.

“…the school wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing woman who stands at the front of it’s classes, she is at the end of the phone day or night and is the first person to text you when you finish an audition. Sadly it is increasingly unusual to have a teacher who can actually dance, and when Natalie demonstrates you entirely understand what she asking because she can actually do it! Natalie is an amazing role model, she is patient, kind, encouraging always positive and imaginative with no two classes being exactly the same.”

Louella Adamson

Ex-First Position student

Excellence & Role Models

First Position strives for excellence in a positive, uplifting, and nurturing manner. It is a fantastic happy environment where the children are free to be who they want to be.

The seniors are there to encourage the juniors and egos are left at the door. Ex-pupils return regularly to give workshops and share news of their professional success, which is a great inspiration for the younger ones.

Miss Natalie is herself a continuous role model and leads her students to excellence through her tireless creativity, her own conduct and inspiring words.

Well Organised

Attention to detail is above and beyond and highly well organised when it comes to any production, exam, or event whether it be a small fete or the main bi-annual school production, each child is taken into consideration when it comes to costume design and all are encouraged to perform to their own comfort level – never making them feel uncomfortable or out of their comfort zone.

Health and Well-Being

A high regard for general fitness in emphasised, encouraging students to look after their bodies inside and out. Additional circuit and limbering classes are timetabled for those serious about upping their stamina, strength, and flexibility – safely.

Healthy food is on offer on the busiest day at the dance school, and general nutrition education is offered in a tactful and caring way where needed. First Position runs a safe practice and is focused on safeguarding children’s young bodies.

Contact Details

Winton YMCA, 7 Jameson Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2QD

07867 808703



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