Groove Child

Groove Child is a brand new and exciting expressive dance syllabus for age 3-12yrs which embraces the mental, emotional, and artistic journey of the child. It aims to develop stage presence, creative expression and confidence through dance in a fun but structured environment.

Through various creative exercises and age-appropriate commercial dance styles, the students are encouraged to develop a deeper sense of rhythm, musicality and self-expression.

Groove Child classes work in harmony alongside any technical or traditional dance syllabus, and the important aspects of technique are reinforced throughout the sessions (posture, strength, flexibility, adaptability).

The core focus of Groove Child is on nurturing the vital life skill we all need…self-belief. And on embracing the unique expression in every child – in the dance studio, and beyond!

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Winton YMCA, 7 Jameson Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2QD
07867 808703



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