Whole School Productions

Miss Natalie puts on an ambitious Bournemouth/Poole based dance school production bi-annually that highlights the strengths of all her dancers (young and old).

Through her unending creativity, she is often not content to stick with just one idea per show! Therefore First Position 2 hour productions often include a mixture of stories and styles under one overriding theme,  with sections carefully crafted to suit both juniors and seniors.

Our whole school productions have been in various theatres over the years but from 2013, First Position settled on the home of the professional theatre at Lighthouse Poole in order to accommodate growing audiences.


“Natalie’s choreography is always so visual and so narrative, whilst simultaneously being so unique. Never have I seen any other dance school match the standard of her work. Of course I’m biased, but anybody who has seen her work will be ready to back me up, whether they’ve a connection to First Position or not. So much sweat, love and imagination went into creating these shows, and they were always a pinnacle of my time here.”

Lewis Palfrey

Ex First Position Student

Some past show examples include:

MUSICALS: Little Shop of Horrors, Cats, Miss Saigon, Lion King, Stomp, and West Side Story

TIM BURTON: Alice In Wonderland, Edward Scissor Hands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD: The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz

REVOLUTION ROCK: We Will Rock You, The Beatles

Some themes over the years have truly pushed boundaries (within the realms of a ‘local’ dance school performance!) and often incorporate beautiful projections, intricate costumes and props in to order increase the performance experience for the students. The ambition and attention to detail in our productions enhances the pride students feel when they step out onto the stage…

“The show concepts are thought up months in advance and we were told many weeks before the event every detail planned for us, no waiting in class for the teacher to ‘find’ or make up the choreography. Natalie knows who is doing what, where and when, from the moment we walk into rehearsals. When the show comes around, the backstage feeling is far from stressed, everyone is prepared and knows what they are doing, there are no last minute rehearsals or nerves, Natalie completely prepares us for the stage…”

Louella Adamsom

Ex-First Position Student

West End
Performance Opportunities

There are various nationwide companies that put on productions in West End Theatres for dance schools to have the amazing experience of performing at. First Position has performed twice at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadlers Wells and The Royal Albert Hall.

2018 will our the 4th time performing at Disneyland Paris. 60+ children and their families have the experience of a lifetime, performing onstage at one of the most famous venues in the world.

The children also get chance to be in the world famous Disney Parade….it really is the stuff dreams are made of, and at FP that’s what we are always striving for, to make dreams reality and make memories for life.

“Dear Natalie, congratulations on a magical performance last night at Her Majesty’s Theatre.  Everyone I bumped into at the end had very high opinions of your routine (from the theatre managers to the ushers, from the lighting technician to the cleaning crew).  Many thanks for all your effort. Well done to everyone at First Position”

Lee Quelch

Mardi Gras Events Manager

Western Association of Ballet Schools Bournemouth

First Position is proud to be a valued member of the Western Association of Ballet Schools (WABS) a registered charity, based in Bournemouth. As a member of WABS we have the opportunity to take part in 2 additional productions each year at the Pavilion Theatre and The Layard Theatre, alongside the other 8 member dance schools.

Children from the affiliated schools also have the incredible opportunity to take part in Bournemouth based dance workshops each year with professional choreographers, all subsidised by the WABS association.

Additonally, all the schools have the opportunity to receive a grant, awarded to students wanting to take part in vocational summer and easter schools at professional London dance colleges. An invaluable experience for anyone wanting to pursue a career in dance.

High-Profile Local Events

First Position has an outstanding reputation as one of the best dance schools in Bournemouth for the quality of it’s dancers and performances.

Because of this, they regularly are asked to perform in high profile events such as The Mayors Charity Ball, The Bournemouth Chamber Christmas Ball, Poole Quay Festival, Seven Seas festival, Christmas and Halloween events, charity balls, promotional films, The Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival, Bournemouth Air show, and Shake & Stir Festival, to name a few!

“Every performance choreographed by Natalie is a spectacle and the way that her imagination turns into reality is just magical.”

Nadine Povey

Ex First Position Student

Contact Details

Winton YMCA, 7 Jameson Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2QD


07867 808703



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