Intensive Training

The Junior Intensive Training (IT) program is unique to First Position. It began in 2012 in order to offer exceptional dancers, age 9-12yrs in Bournemouth, an opportunity to train at a higher level alongside their regular weekly syllabus classes.

After the huge success of the Junior program, a more advanced Senior version was then launched in 2015. The Senior IT course offers the same structure of classes as below but at senior level for age 13-18yrs.

Each IT course runs as a 10 week block, 3 times a year, and is split into the following classes:

Classical Ballet and Repertoire

Dance Specific Conditioning (PBT) and Limbering

Commercial Dance

The Junior & Senior Intensive Training programs are one of the school’s many highlights.

It’s specifically devised to push the children in an age appropriate way, strengthening their bodies and their brains each week.

The Teaching Team that work alongside Miss Natalie for this deliver a high quality experience for the pupils. As specialists in their respective fields, the team offer a wealth of knowledge and experience through their sessions and help to inspire each generation of FP dancers.

Our termly IT program is likened to the Associate Courses held at some of the larger London dance schools, but what makes this program different and unique to First Position is that it includes the commercial dance aspect, which Natalie feels is vital in today’s dance industry.

At First Position we strongly believes it’s important for aspiring young dancers to be able to experience different styles and learn new choreography on a regular basis, to enhance their ‘pick up’ speed and adaptability. The ballet repertoire classes with Miss Kiera and commercial dance with Miss Amy offer the pupils this opportunity; constantly varying with new exercises, choreography, and style fusions.

All the children (senior and junior) who are on the IT course absolutely love it and have improved in every area of their dancing. It’s ideal for pupils at the school who are dreaming of going into the profession or simply want to further their dance as a discipline. Through taking part in the IT program in addition to their weekly ballet and modern syllabus classes, we believe this dream can so easily become a reality.

IT Master Classes

Two weeks out of every IT course are special ‘Master Class’ weeks, where professional industry dancers and choreographers come in to deliver a session to both IT age groups.

Past master class instructors have included: Richard Winsor, Ben Mundy, Matt Flint, Tim Noble, Hattie Palfrey, Dylan Mason, Katie Priest, Barnaby Thompson and Dominic North.

Invitation Only

The Junior & Senior Intensive Training programs are limited to 16 pupils per age group, and are by invitation only.

All children receive the IT uniform free of charge on starting their first 10 week course.

NEW for 2016! Mini IT

This is just one additional 45 minute class per week for children age 5-8 who are already showing exceptional ability in ballet. The class is with Miss Natalie and has been specially designed to focus on age appropriate exercises to help develop these tiny dancers in a safe way. ‘Mini It’ simply gives a hand to little ones who show extra special potential to develop in strength, flexibility and basic strong technique at a very early age.

Contact Details

Winton YMCA, 7 Jameson Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2QD

07867 808703



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